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UX vs UI: What’s the Difference Between User Interface & User Experience?

A very widely discussed topic is UI vs UX. A lot of people have it in their mind that

  • What’s the difference between UI Design & UX Design?
  • Are they a same thing or different things?
  • Which one is right for us?
  • How to Learn it?

These are some curious questions that arise a lot and  that’s what will be answered in this blog.

On a very basic note at first

UX stands for User Experience Design and UI stands for User Interface Design. They both are design disciplines & are related to one another, although they are very different from one another.

UX Design is a lot more Analytical when compared to UI Design which is much more Visual or more a sort of Graphic Design. They both can be similar in some ways but on the other they can be much more different.

It can be found that these terms are often being used together or tasks of both UI & UX can be performed by same team or even same person sometimes, but they do use different tools, different techniques, different skills or in fact may approach different problems in different way.

Still confused?

A User Interface without User Experience is more like


User Experience without User Interface is more like



User Experience Design (UX, UXD, XD) is the process that is used to create products or services that provide meaning full or relevant experience to users. This may include designing of the entire process or product, integrating aspects of design, usability, branding & function. With the use of which it may enhance the user satisfaction by making it more enjoyable & usable along with the pleasure provided in the interaction with the product weather that’s a Phone, Website or even a Table.

What does a UX Designer Do?

The first & foremost goal for a UX Designer is Strategy & Content. As we know content is the king for web and so does the strategy behind it plays a vital role. Strategizing that how the content is applied and how it is displayed best for interaction with the user.

A UX Designer may do

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Customer Analysis
  • Overall Customer & Content Strategy
  • How do develop the content so that it best fits in the User Interface.

UX is majorly a User First Discipline, which inculcates always thinking about the user. Thinking about which the other responsibility of a UX Designer is to Wireframe & Prototype a product or application. All of which thrusts the designer to find What structures work the best, so that the user gets the best interaction.

A good UX Designer is also concerned about the Execution & Analytics of the product. They may coordinate with UI Designers, Developers, Customers, Clients etc for the feedback on their product. They constantly make sure that all things go well and the prioduct stays updated with the changing userbase, environments, technologies etc.

Their ultimate goal is to connect the business need to the user needs.

Its an interesting role to be play altogether to be a designer, strategist, marketer, analyst, tester all at once. Which is not just visual based its more of being analytical and updated.

How to learn UX Design?

You may refer a book The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman. But UX can’t be learnt it rather be developed withing by practicing different strategies or techniques withing different projects. It gets brushed up with the experience you take by working.

What is User Interface Design?

User Interface is anything a user may interact with to use a product or service. It is a graphical layout of an application and consists ot buttons to click on, image sliders, text fields and other things that a user interacts with. The goal is to make the user’s interaction simple & efficient as possible. Its all about the look & feel to be said in simple words.

A better look & presentation leads to a better User Experience.

It is more to pick colors, change typography, making things look really beautiful & pleasing.

What does a UI Designer Do?

It is more to pick colors, change typography, making things look really beautiful & pleasing.

A UI Designer may do

  • Graphic Designing
  • Web Designing
  • Branding Designing
  • Application Interface Designing

Also if a UI Designer has a good understanding of code it can help them design the interface more effectively.

A UI Designers purpous is to receive all the needs and structuring that User Experience Designer has done and put them into an attractive and pleasing form factor.

In simple words UX Designer passes the Skeleton & UI Designer Skins it to give the user a better interface to interact with.

UI is majorly about Look & Feel. A good UI Designer will do competitor analysis about what’s going on in market, what are the standards to be followed and other design research so that the product makes sense. Nowadays they also think about the animation, interactivity & adapt the design for almost any screen size (Desktop, Laptop, Mobile etc.)

They are also responsible for interacting with developer and make sure that the things look, feel and work the way they should look good. This is where development meets desiging and all UX, UI & Development team comes altogether.

How to learn UI Design?

There are a pleanty of resources & courses online to learn from and get your hands over them for the best practices. The more you get your hands on the more your skills brush up.


On the closing note here is a visual representation how User Interface Design is different from User Experience Design.

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