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Interface Overview Blender 3D 2.80 – Brain Mentors

Blender is a free to use  and open-source 3D graphics software used for creating animated films, visual effects, 3D printed models, motion graphics, interactive 3D applications, and computer games. WHY BLENDER ? There are many softwares like maya , 3D’s Max but why blender can be a better option? For using 3D’s Max and Maya you have to purchase their tools. But good thing about blender is that it is open source (free to use). INSTALLING BLENDER Go to Then goto download menu in the topbar Then download a version suitable for your OS (MAC/WINDOWS/LINUX) After Downloading , double click to install Now, Congrats, You have successfully installed Blender. Now ,Lets get your hands dirty with Blender When you open blender for the first time,the UI of it will look like this as shown : Now, lets understand the options and Menus in the Blender The screen showing with

What’s New in Python 3.8? – Python Guide for Beginners

So, python 3.8 has been around a while now, October 14th, 2019 to be accurate. But it is still not used across the board because most people don’t know about the feature-set it brings to the table. Some of the contemporary features are as follows: • The Walrus Operator (:=) It’s called so because the operator symbol resembles a “walrus”.This operator is used to assign and return a value in the same expression. Generally the assignment and retrieval of a value took two statements, but python 3.8 has made it more convenient. Lets look a few examples: Simple Print:- 3.7 3.8 While Loops:- 3.7 3.8 • Simpler use of F strings It is basically used for string replacement as can seen in the given example: New:- In Python 3.8 , you can use assignment operators. New Specifier: Using this specifier , you can print both the text as well as

Difference Between seekg() and seekp() in C++ File-Handling – Brain Mentors

seekg() and seekp() both are functions of File Handling in C++ and they are very important and useful feature of File Handling in C++. In File Handling of C++, we have two pointers one is get pointer and second is put pointer. They both are used to getting/reading the data from a file and putting/writing the data into a file at particularposition/location. How to use Seekg () seekg() function is used to move/sets the get pointer at the desired/particular position to getting/reading data from a file (External file). If seekg() function is used to move/sets the get pointer at the particular location. So then by using tellg() function we easily get the current position of the get pointer from the external file. Syntax: seekg(offset, direction/seekdir); Using this function the stream pointer is changed the position/location i.e. counting pointer position from the beginning of the file. Stream means the flow of

How to Index and Slice String in Python?

In Python, Strings are arrays of bytes representing Unicode characters. In simple words, anything that can be described inside single, double, or triple inverted quotes is called String. Creating A String Indexing in String Index is the position which can be used to get a specific Character from the String.Here, Indexing in String starts from 0, then 1 , then 2 , then 3 , then 4 and so on. and if we start from last index of list, then indexing starts from -1, then -2 , then -3 ….so on. Using Index , we can retrieve any character from the String .Now, Element located at nth index can be find by writting list name followed by square brackets, and inside square bracket, we have to write the index for which we want character corresponding to that index. String Slicing String Slicing is the process to make SubString from a given String.

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