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UX vs UI

A very widely discussed topic is UI vs UX. A lot of people have it in their mind that What’s the difference between UI Design & UX Design? Are they a same thing or different things? Which one is right for us? How to Learn it? These are some curious questions that arise a lot and  that’s what will be answered in this blog. On a very basic note at first UX stands for User Experience Design and UI stands for User Interface Design. They both are design disciplines & are related to one another, although they are very different from one another. UX Design is a lot more Analytical when compared to UI Design which is much more Visual or more a sort of Graphic Design. They both can be similar in some ways but on the other they can be much more different. It can be found that

Introduction to Data Science – Brain Mentors

Data Science has become a hub of opportunities now a days. It is taking care of each domain of the industry whether it is IT, Electronics, Mechanical, Medical or research. Anyone from any background can go for data science today. Data Science is a combination of programming and mathematics. You don’t need to be an expert in mathematics, but you should know basics of it. These are the prerequisite that you must see before going into the detail of data science: Math Linear Algebra Statistics and Probability Calculus (Partial Derivatives) Programming (Any One) Python R Programming MATLAB Mathematics is one of the most beautiful subjects in this world. If you are eager to learn these topics of mathematics and a little bit of any of the programming, then only you can go for Data Science. You might be learning mathematics from your school time, but did you ever thought about

5 New JavaScript Features in ES 2020 – Brain Mentors

In this Blog we are going to learn ES 2020 Key Features.ES2020 released on Start of this year. Here we are going to learn some really cool features of ES 2020 Let’s start with Feature 1 : Nullish coalescing Use when the value is missing (undefined or null (It doesn’t work with NaN , ‘’, 0)). The undefined and null are the nullish value , and you want to handle it then we use nullish coalescing operator. Example: In above example ,  country is not there so it does show undefined And I want to print some meaningful result Before ES 2020 we use truthy and falsy It just checks if the first value is true then don’t go to the second value , if first is false (undefined or null ) then go to the second value. Instead of PIPE Now Use Nullish Operator from ES 2020 Feature 2

Interface Overview Blender 3D 2.80 – Brain Mentors

Blender is a free to use  and open-source 3D graphics software used for creating animated films, visual effects, 3D printed models, motion graphics, interactive 3D applications, and computer games. WHY BLENDER ? There are many softwares like maya , 3D’s Max but why blender can be a better option? For using 3D’s Max and Maya you have to purchase their tools. But good thing about blender is that it is open source (free to use). INSTALLING BLENDER Go to https://www.blender.org/ Then goto download menu in the topbar Then download a version suitable for your OS (MAC/WINDOWS/LINUX) After Downloading , double click to install Now, Congrats, You have successfully installed Blender. Now ,Lets get your hands dirty with Blender When you open blender for the first time,the UI of it will look like this as shown : Now, lets understand the options and Menus in the Blender The screen showing with

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