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Tableau @ Brain Mentors

Join the Tableau course at Brain Mentors

Explore the art of data visualization with our Tableau course. Dive into the world of interactive analytics and learn to transform raw data into compelling visual stories. Master Tableau's powerful features and elevate your data analysis skills to drive actionable insights for organizations.

Duration: 40-50hr

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About the course

Tableau: Illuminating Insights, Empowering Decisions.

Master Tableau for dynamic data visualization with Brain Mentors' best-in-class classroom and online training. Discover how to craft interactive dashboards and compelling charts to unlock actionable insights from your data. Through hands-on experience with real-world projects, elevate your data analysis skills and drive informed decision-making. Join Brain Mentors today and harness the power of Tableau to excel in data visualization.

What you'll learn

Introduction to Tableau

Connecting to Data

Data Visualization

Advanced Visualization Techniques

Calculations and Expressions

Dashboard and Stories

Sharing and Collaboration

Performance Optimization

Syllabus of the course

> Understanding Tableau and its capabilities

> Overview of Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server

> Installing and setting up Tableau Desktop

> Connecting to data sources (Excel, CSV, databases, online services)

> Importing and transforming data with Tableau Prep Builder (if available)

> Cleaning and shaping data for analysis

>Introduction to Tableau workspace (Data Source, Data Pane, Worksheets, Dashboards)

> Navigation and basic operations in Tableau Desktop

> Overview of Tableau visualization types (bar charts, line charts, scatter plots, etc.)

> Designing basic visualizations to explore data

> Formatting and customizing visuals

> Designing interactive dashboards with multiple visualizations

> Adding interactivity with filters, parameters, and actions

> Creating user-friendly navigation in dashboards

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Our faculty are all professionally qualified and have rich industry experience, essential for giving a practical context to concepts
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  • Basic Computer Skills

  • Basic Data Skills

  • Analytical Skills

Meet Our Expert Faculty

Our faculty are all professionally qualified and have rich industry experience, essential for giving a practical context to concepts
Arun Kumar (Sr. Web Developer & Lead Instructor)
Arun Kumar (Sr. Web Developer & Lead Instructor)

Sahil Kumar (Data Analyst & Lead Instructor)
Sahil Kumar (Data Analyst & Lead Instructor)



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Ongoing batches list

April 20th, 2024

Online Weekend Batch


April 20th, 2024

Offline Weekend Batch


April 20th, 2024

Offline Weekday Batch

Upcoming batches list

April 20th, 20224

Online Weekday Batch


Target Audience

This focuses on the benefits the audience can achieve by taking the course. (e.g., Unlock your potential using this course).


Anyone interested in data visualization and analytics, including students and professionals in IT, business intelligence, and data science fields.
The fees for the Tableau course depend on the course length and mode of learning, with details available upon inquiry.
Yes, Brain-Mentors provides online Tableau courses to accommodate learners worldwide, offering flexibility for remote study.
Absolutely, the course is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing working professionals to enhance their Tableau skills without compromising their work commitments.
Yes, individuals from non-technical backgrounds can join the Tableau course, though some familiarity with data concepts is beneficial.
Brain mentors pvt. ltd.
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