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MERN Full Stack Developer Course with Placement in Ghaziabad

Empowering Tomorrow's Web with MERN Development

MERN Stack – Modern Equivalent to Traditional Web Development. Although originating from the tech industry, it boasts global recognition and equips individuals with comprehensive skills in web development, including MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js.

Today, let’s delve into all things MERN Stack: its components, hands-on projects, learning resources, career options after Mern, how to pursue Mern Stack and other relevant details with our MERN Full Stack developer course. By gaining proficiency in MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js, and through practical experience provided by our MERN Stack developer course with placement, you will be well-equipped to tackle complex web development projects and secure a position as a full-stack developer.

Duration: 80-100 hr

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About the course

What is the MERN Stack

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the components that make up the MERN Stack, including MongoDB for the database, Express.js for the server-side framework, React.js for the front-end framework, and Node.js as the runtime environment. The MERN Stack is a popular choice for building robust and scalable web applications, making it an essential skill for aspiring Full-Stack developers.

Skills Required To Become A MERN Developer:

To become a proficient full-stack developer, particularly through our MERN Full-Stack developer course, one must have a strong understanding of JavaScript, especially ES6 concepts, as it is the primary language used in the MERN Stack. A comprehensive MERN Stack developer course with placement will ensure you master JavaScript and its advanced features, which are crucial for developing effective applications.

In addition to JavaScript, familiarity with MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js is essential. Our MERN Full Stack developer course will provide in-depth training in these technologies, enabling you to build dynamic, database-driven applications. MongoDB serves as a flexible, NoSQL database solution that works seamlessly with JavaScript-based applications. Through our MERN Stack developer course with placement, you'll learn how to design and manage databases using MongoDB, ensuring efficient data storage and retrieval.

By enrolling in Our MERN Full Stack developer course, you’ll gain hands-on experience in building RESTful APIs and handling server-side logic. The course will teach you to create robust back-end systems that support the front-end interface built with React.js.

Our MERN Stack developer course with placement will cover the fundamentals of React.js, including component-based architecture, state management, and hooks. You’ll learn to build complex UIs that provide a seamless user experience.

Our MERN Stack developer course with placement not only focuses on technical skills but also prepares you for the job market. It often includes real-world projects, coding challenges, and interview preparation sessions. These aspects of the MERN Full-Stack developer course ensure that you are job-ready upon completion. You’ll build a portfolio of projects that demonstrate your expertise in the MERN Stack, making you a competitive candidate in the job market.

Whether you are just starting your journey in web development or looking to enhance your skills, our MERN Full Stack developer course is an excellent investment in your career. With dedicated support and placement assistance, our MERN Stack developer course with placement will help you achieve your professional goals and excel in the field of full-stack development. Enroll in our MERN Full Stack developer course today and take the first step towards becoming a proficient MERN Stack developer, ready to build cutting-edge web applications.

Training sample videos

What you'll learn

MongoDB: Basics of NoSQL Databases

MongoDB: CRUD Operations, Schema Design

Express.js: Setting Up a Server

Express.js: Middleware, Routing, API Development

React: JSX and Components, State Management

React: Hooks, Routing and SPA Development

Node.js: JavaScript on the Server, Asynchronous Programming

Node.js: Environment Management, Deployment

Syllabus of the course

> Web Development Basics

> Understanding Client Side And Server Side Web Development

> Understanding Browser Developer Console

> Understanding V8 , SpiderMonkey, Chakra, JavaScriptCore, Nashorn

> JavaScript Basics, Internal Architecture

> Using VSCode

> BOM and DOM Manipulation

> Functional JavaScript


> Learn Modern ES Versions And Features

> Unit Testing


> Building CRUD

> Asynchronous JavaScript

> Ajax And Promises

> Async Await

> Covers ES 2015 to 2021

> Node JS Introduction

> Blocking and NonBlocking

> Node JS Internal Architecture

> Node,NPM, NPX

> Module Development And Publish

> Core Modules Integeration

> 3rd NPM Module Integeration

> Building NPM Module And Publishing

> Debugging In Node

> Writing Own Server, MiddleWares, Parsers

> Using Configurations

> Building Secure Applications Using HTTPS

> Building A Web Application Using Node Only

> CLI Development

> Process and Worker Management

> Writing RestFul WebService Using Node

> Integrate RestFul WebService With JavaScript

> Publishing Application

> Network Based Application Development

> Chat App, Collaboration Mode

> Using Express

> Building Web Application Using Express

> Session Handling / Token Based Authentication

> Mail Integeration

> Server and Application Logging

> Job Scheduling

> Social Media Integration

> Encryption , Decryption, Logs

> Writing RestFUL In Express

> MVC Based Development

> Enterprise Level Architecture

> Clustering, Load Balancer, Reverse Proxy

> Custom Middleware

> Error Handling

> File Upload and Download

> Using Template Engine

> Scaffolding

> Command Generation

> Unit Testing

> Deploy Application On AWS


> Setup

> Understanding Mongo DB Ecosystem

> Local and Cloud Mongo Database

> Mongo Atlas

> DataTypes in Mongo

> Mongo DB Commands

> Working on Embedded Document

> Projection Criteria Queries

> Pagination

> Joins

> Aggegerate Functions

> Capping

> Sharding

> Dumping

> Mongo Integration with Express

> DB Integration

> Component Based Development

> React JS Basics

> Inside Virtual DOM

> Component Based Development In React JS

> Traverse, Conditional Rendering

> Component Interaction

> Props And State

> Parent – Child , Child Parent Communication

> Styling In React, Nested JSX Handling

> Ajax Interaction , Life Cycle, Axios

> 3rd Party Integration

> MUI and BootStrap Basics

> Routing v5 and v6

> Testing With Enzyme And Jest

> Using Modern Redux

> React With Redux

> React Hooks

> Context API in React

> React Dev Tool

> Integration with Fire Store

> OAuth

> Validations

> Performace Tuning

> Error Handling


> Deployment

Want to know about all Courses? Enroll in our course today and unlock your potential for a brighter future!

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Our faculty are all professionally qualified and have rich industry experience, essential for giving a practical context to concepts
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  • Basic Programming Knowledge

  • Familiarity with Web Development

  • Database Fundamentals

  • Command Line and Version Control

  • Intermediate JavaScript and React Knowledge (Optional)

Meet Our Expert Faculty

Our faculty are all professionally qualified and have rich industry experience, essential for giving a practical context to concepts
Amit Srivastava (Founder & Lead Instructor)
Amit Srivastava (Founder & Lead Instructor)

Aman Tyagi (Web Developer & Instructor)
Aman Tyagi (Web Developer & Instructor)

Arun Kumar (Sr. Web Developer & Lead Instructor)
Arun Kumar (Sr. Web Developer & Lead Instructor)



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Ongoing batches list

May 11th, 2024

Weekend Offline & online Batch


May 25th, 2024

Weekend Offline & Online Batch


Target Audience

This focuses on the benefits the audience can achieve by taking the course. (e.g., Unlock your potential using this course).


Brain-Mentors stands out as a top MERN Stack training institute due to its comprehensive curriculum, experienced trainers, hands-on projects, and placement support.
A basic understanding of web development concepts, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, is recommended for the MERN Stack course.
The MERN Stack comprises MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js, offering a full-stack JavaScript solution for web development, which sets it apart from other stacks.
Yes, learning the MERN Stack will equip you with the skills to develop modern web applications using popular technologies and frameworks.
Yes, the MERN Stack course is designed for beginners and those with some prior web development knowledge, providing a structured learning path to master the stack.
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