Course Content
1. Introduction to React

•  Introduction to React and its ecosystem

•  Setting up the React development environment

•  Creating your first React component

2. React Components and JSX

•  Understanding React components

•  JSX syntax and expressions

•  Working with props and state

•  Lifecycle methods in React

3. Managing State in React

•  State and setState in React

•  Working with forms and handling user input

•  Understanding controlled and uncontrolled components

•  Using React context for global state management

4. React Router

•  Introduction to React Router

•  Configuring routes and navigation

•  Passing parameters and query strings

•  Nested routes and route guarding

5. Working with APIs

•  Making HTTP requests in React

•  Handling asynchronous operations with promises and async/await

•  Working with RESTful APIs

•  Using libraries like Axios for API calls

6. State Management with Redux

•  Introduction to Redux and its principles

•  Actions, reducers, and the store

•  Working with Redux middleware

•  Connecting React components to the Redux store

7. Forms and Validation

•  Working with form libraries in React

•  Form validation and error handling

•  Handling form submission and validation

•  Implementing custom form components

8. React and UI Libraries

•  Introduction to popular UI libraries for React (e.g., Material-UI, Ant Design)

•  Using UI components and styling in React

•  Customizing UI components and theming

•  Building reusable UI components

9. Testing React Applications

•  Introduction to testing in React

•  Writing unit tests with Jest and React Testing Library

•  Testing React components and their behavior

•  Integration testing and end-to-end testing

10. Optimizing Performance and Deployment

•  Performance optimization techniques in React

•  Code splitting and lazy loading

•  Deployment strategies for React applications

•  Building and deploying React apps for production


React is a popular JavaScript library developed by Facebook for building user interfaces. It is widely used for creating interactive and reusable UI components for single-page applications (SPAs) and mobile applications. React follows a component-based architecture and efficiently manages the UI updates using a virtual DOM (Document Object Model).

The React course is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop web applications using the React library. This course covers essential lessons related to React development, including React components, state management, routing, and integration with backend services.


Develop a comprehensive understanding of React's core concepts and principles, including component-based architecture, virtual DOM, and state management, enabling you to build robust and interactive web applications.

Acquire hands-on experience in creating reusable and modular UI components using React, along with the ability to efficiently manage state and handle user interactions to create dynamic user interfaces.

Learn Tensorflow with practical implementation

Learn best practices and industry-standard techniques for testing, debugging, and optimizing React applications, ensuring high-performance and maintainable code.

Course Instructors
Instructor 1

Amit Srivastava

I am Amit Srivastava , Having 18 Years of Experience in Software Development and as an Instructor, My Expertise Areas are Java,MERN Stack,Flutter,Automation.

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