Course Content
1. Introduction to Node.js and JavaScript Basics

•  Introduction to Node.js

•  Setting up Node.js environment

•  JavaScript basics and ES6 features

2. Building Server-side Applications with Node.js

•  Creating a simple HTTP server with Node.js

•  Handling routes and requests

•  Managing middleware for request processing

3. Working with Express.js Framework

•  Introduction to Express.js

•  Routing and request handling in Express.js

•  Working with middleware in Express.js

•  Building RESTful APIs with Express.js

4. Database Integration with Node.js and MongoDB

•  Introduction to MongoDB

•  Setting up MongoDB in Node.js

•  CRUD operations with MongoDB

•  Modeling data with Mongoose

5. Authentication and Authorization in Node.js

•  Introduction to authentication and authorization

•  Implementing user registration and login

•  Securing routes and resources

•  Using JWT for token-based authentication

6. Working with Websockets in Node.js

•  Introduction to Websockets

•  Setting up in Node.js

•  Real-time communication with

•  Building a chat application with Websockets

7. Error Handling and Logging

•  Error handling best practices

•  Logging and debugging in Node.js

•  Handling exceptions and errors

8. Testing and Deployment

•  Unit testing with Mocha and Chai

•  Integration testing with Supertest

•  Automated testing and CI/CD

•  Deploying Node.js applications


The Node.js course is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop server-side applications using Node.js. This course covers essential lessons related to Node.js development, including asynchronous programming, working with databases, creating RESTful APIs, and deploying Node.js applications.

By the end of the Node.js course, students should have the skills and knowledge to develop server-side applications and APIs using Node.js.


Develop a comprehensive understanding of Node.js and its core concepts, including event-driven programming, non-blocking I/O, and the module system.

Acquire practical skills in building server-side applications using Node.js, including creating web servers, handling HTTP requests, and interacting with databases.

Gain expertise in asynchronous programming in Node.js, effectively utilizing callbacks, Promises, and async/await to handle concurrent operations and improve application performance.

Learn best practices for structuring and organizing Node.js projects, implementing security measures, and optimizing application performance.

Course Instructors
Instructor 1

Amit Srivastava

I am Amit Srivastava , Having 18 Years of Experience in Software Development and as an Instructor, My Expertise Areas are Java,MERN Stack,Flutter,Automation.

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