Course Content
1. Introduction to Java Programming

•  Introduction to Java

•  Use cases of Java

2. Java Development Environment Setup

•  Installation on Windows

•  Installation on Mac

•  Setting up the Java Path

•  Working with Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)

3. Java Basics

•  Variables and Data Types

•  Operators and Expressions

•  Control Flow Statements (if, else, switch, loops)

•  Arrays and Collections

•  Methods and Functions

4. Object-Oriented Programming in Java

•  Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

•  Classes and Objects

•  Inheritance and Polymorphism

•  Abstraction and Encapsulation

•  Interfaces and Abstract Classes

5. Java Collections Framework

•  Introduction to Collections

•  ArrayList, LinkedList, and Vector

•  HashSet, LinkedHashSet, and TreeSet

•  HashMap, LinkedHashMap, and TreeMap

•  Iterators and Iterables

6. Java Generics

•  Introduction to Generics

•  Generic Classes and Methods

•  Wildcard and Bounded Type Parameters

•  Generic Interfaces and Inheritance

7. Java File Handling

•  Reading and Writing Files

•  Working with Directories

•  File Streams and Serialization

8. Java Multithreading

•  Introduction to Multithreading

•  Creating and Running Threads

•  Thread Synchronization and Intercommunication

•  Thread Pools and Executors

9. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)

•  Introduction to JDBC

•  Establishing Database Connections

•  Executing SQL Statements

•  Working with ResultSets

10. Web Development with Java

•  Introduction to Web Development

•  HTML and CSS Basics

•  Servlets and JSP

•  JavaServer Faces (JSF)

•  Spring Framework

11. Java Persistence with Hibernate

•  Introduction to Hibernate

•  Hibernate Configuration and Mapping

•  Entity Lifecycle and Object States

•  Querying with Hibernate Query Language (HQL)

•  Transactions and Caching

12. Building RESTful APIs with Java

•  Introduction to RESTful APIs

•  Creating RESTful Services with JAX-RS

•  Implementing CRUD Operations

•  Handling Authentication and Authorization

•  API Versioning and Documentation

13. Java Testing and Quality Assurance

•  Introduction to Testing

•  Unit Testing with JUnit

•  Integration Testing with Mockito

•  Code Coverage and Test Automation

•  Static Code Analysis and Quality Metrics

14. Java Build and Deployment

•  Build Tools: Maven and Gradle

•  Continuous Integration and Deployment

•  Containerization with Docker

•  Deployment on Cloud Platforms

•  Monitoring and Logging


It involves using Java for server-side development and integrating it with frontend technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks to create a complete, end-to-end web application.

The Java Full Stack Development course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of building web applications using Java for both the frontend and backend. This course covers essential lessons related to Java and associated technologies, including Java EE, Spring framework, frontend development with HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and integrating the frontend and backend components.


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Course Instructors
Instructor 1

Amit Srivastava

I am Amit Srivastava , Having 18 Years of Experience in Software Development and as an Instructor, My Expertise Areas are Java,MERN Stack,Flutter,Automation.

Instructor 1

Ravikant Tyagi

Hello everyone, I am Ravikant Tyagi and I do have experience of 8+ years in IT as a developer and trainer. I have more than 100 websites live on internet and I have taught thousands of students, teachers & developers to learn to code and how to become professional developer with 100% practical knowledge.

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