Course Content
1. Web Development Basics and Javascript

•  Web Development Basics

•  Understanding Client Side And Server Side Web Development

•  Understanding Browser Developer Console

•  Understanding V8 , SpiderMonkey, Chakra, JavaScriptCore, Nashorn

•  JavaScript Basics, Internal Architecture

•  Using VSCode

•  DOM Manipulation

•  Functional JavaScript


•  Learn Modern ES Versions And Features

•  Unit Testing

•  Cross Browser Testing

•  Building CRUD

•  Asynchronous JavaScript

•  Ajax And Promises

•  Async Await

•  ES 2020 

2. React JS

•  Component Based Development

•  React JS Basics

•  Inside Virtual DOM

•  Component Based Development In React JS

•  Traverse, Conditional Rendering

•  Component Interaction

•  Props And State

•  Parent – Child , Child Parent Communication

•  Styling In React, Nested JSX Handling

•  Ajax Interaction , Life Cycle

•  3rd Party Integration

•  Routing

•  Testing With Enzyme And Jest

•  Using Redux

•  React With Redux

•  React Hooks

•  Context API in React

•  React Dev Tool

•  Integration with Fire Store

•  OAuth

•  Validations

•  Performace Tuning

•  Error Handling

•  HOC

•  Deployment

3. TypeScript

•  TypeScript Basics

•  Installation

•  Data Types

•  Tuples, Enums, Union, Function Type , Object Type , Never , Void

•  Compilation Options

•  OOPS In TypeScript

•  Modules In TypeScript

4. Angular

•  Angular Basics

•  Angular V/S Angular JS

•  Setup

•  Angular Flow

•  Component Interaction

•  Module Development

•  Debugging

•  Service, DI

•  Life Cycle

•  Ajax

•  Validations Template And Reactive Forms

•  Routing

•  Custom Directive, Custom Pipe

•  Animations

•  I18N

•  Unit Testing

•  Deployment

5. Vue

•  Vue Basics

•  Vue Virtual DOM

•  Vue Setup

•  Vue Flow

•  Directives And Custom Directive

•  Components In Vue

•  Props, Parent – Child Component Communication

•  Event Handling, Custom Events And Life Cycle.

•  State Management, Vuex

•  Ajax Interaction

•  Animations And Transition

•  Mixins And Filters

•  Form Validations

•  Routing

•  Unit Testing

•  Deployment


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Amit Srivastava

I am Amit Srivastava , Having 18 Years of Experience in Software Development and as an Instructor, My Expertise Areas are Java,MERN Stack,Flutter,Automation.

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