Course Content
1. Introduction to Flutter

•  What is Flutter?

•  Setting Up Flutter Development Environment

2. Flutter Widgets

•  Introduction to Widgets

•  Layouts and Containers

•  Handling User Input

3. State Management

•  Understanding State and Stateful Widgets

•  State Management Techniques

4. Navigation and Routing

•  Introduction to Navigation

•  Using Routes and Named Routes

5. Networking and API Integration

•  Making HTTP Requests

•  Working with JSON and REST APIs

6. Forms and User Input Validation

•  Creating Forms

•  Validation and Error Handling

7. Animations and Gestures

•  Animating Widgets

•  Handling Gestures

8. Working with Device Features

•  Accessing Camera and Image Gallery

•  Using Geolocation and Maps

9. Local Data Storage

•  Using Shared Preferences

•  SQLite Database Integration

10. Internationalization and Localization

•  Localization Setup

•  Supporting Multiple Languages

11. Testing and Debugging

•  Unit Testing with Flutter

•  Debugging Techniques


Flutter is one stop solution for Mobile, Web and Desktop Front end development, Develop By Google. Rank No 1 for Cross Platform mobile app development

The Flutter course is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop mobile applications using the Flutter framework. This course covers essential lessons related to Flutter development, including Flutter architecture, widgets, navigation, state management, and integration with backend services.


Develop a comprehensive understanding of Flutter framework and its key components.

Acquire the skills to create high-quality, visually appealing cross-platform mobile applications using Flutter.

Gain proficiency in leveraging Flutter's UI/UX capabilities, widgets, and animations to enhance user experiences.

Learn best practices for app development, including state management, navigation, and data integration.

Build a portfolio of Flutter projects to showcase expertise in mobile app development.

Prepare for potential career opportunities as a mobile app developer or freelancer specializing in Flutter.

Course Instructors
Instructor 1

Amit Srivastava

I am Amit Srivastava , Having 18 Years of Experience in Software Development and as an Instructor, My Expertise Areas are Java,MERN Stack,Flutter,Automation.

Instructor 1

Sunny Kumar

Teaching Assistant having a total of 6 months of experience in teaching IT professionals. So far I have successfully deliverd 15+ trainings at various tech companies/colleges

Instructor 1


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