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Certificate Course in Flutter App Development in Ghaziabad

Where beauty meets simplicity in mobile app development

Dive into Flutter developer course, Google's UI toolkit for building natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. Explore its widget-based architecture, hot reload feature, and rich set of customizable widgets for creating stunning and responsive user interfaces in our well-designed Flutter app development course.

Master cross-platform development and streamline your Flutter app development process.

Duration: 80-100 hrs

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About the course

Flutter: Building Beautifully Dynamic Apps.

Our comprehensive Flutter app development course(Flutter developer course), ensures you develop a deep understanding of the Flutter framework and its key components.

Through the Flutter developer course, you'll acquire the skills to create visually appealing cross-platform mobile applications using Flutter, making you proficient in leveraging its UI/UX capabilities, widgets, and animations to enhance user experiences.

With a focus on best practices for app development, including state management, navigation, and data integration, you'll build a portfolio of Flutter projects to showcase your expertise in mobile app development.

Join our Flutter app development course, today and embark on a journey to becoming a skilled Flutter developer ready to tackle the challenges of modern app development. Enroll now in our Flutter app development course(Flutter developer course), and take the first step towards a successful career in mobile app development with Flutter. Don't miss out on our Flutter developer course, and unlock your potential as a mobile app developer. Sign up for our Flutter app development course, today and start building innovative mobile applications with Flutter.

Training sample videos

What you'll learn

Flutter Basics

Dart Programming Language

Flutter Development

Advanced Flutter Topics

Flutter and Firebase

Platform Integration

Syllabus of the course

> What is Flutter?

> Setting Up Flutter Development Environment

> Introduction to Widgets

> Layouts and Containers

> Handling User Input

> Understanding State and Stateful Widgets

> State Management Techniques

> Introduction to Navigation

> Using Routes and Named Routes

> Making HTTP Requests

> Working with JSON and REST APIs

Want to know about all Courses? Enroll in our course today and unlock your potential for a brighter future!

Check Your Eligibility

Our faculty are all professionally qualified and have rich industry experience, essential for giving a practical context to concepts
check your eligibility
  • Basic Programming Knowledge

  • Object-Oriented Programming

  • Curiosity and Eagerness to Learn

  • Access to a Computer/Laptop

  • Time and Dedication

Meet Our Expert Faculty

Our faculty are all professionally qualified and have rich industry experience, essential for giving a practical context to concepts
Amit Srivastava (Founder & Lead Instructor)
Amit Srivastava (Founder & Lead Instructor)

Yash Tyagi (Web Developer & Instructor)
Yash Tyagi (Web Developer & Instructor)

Sahil Kumar (Data Analyst & Lead Instructor)
Sahil Kumar (Data Analyst & Lead Instructor)



Enroll today to start learning on your terms!

Ongoing batches list

April 20th, 2024

Online Weekday Batch


April 20th, 2024

Offline Weekday Batch


April 20th, 2024

Online Weekend Batch


April 20th, 2024

offline Weekend Batch


Target Audience

This focuses on the benefits the audience can achieve by taking the course. (e.g., Unlock your potential using this course).


Brain-Mentors stands out as a top Flutter training institute due to its comprehensive curriculum, experienced trainers, great problem-solving, and placement support.
A basic understanding of programming concepts is recommended for the Flutter course. Familiarity with mobile app development or Dart programming is beneficial but not mandatory.
Flutter focuses specifically on cross-platform mobile app development, providing a single codebase for both iOS and Android apps, which can lead to faster development and cost savings.
Mastering Flutter enables developers to build high-performance, visually appealing mobile apps with a single codebase, streamlining the development process and reducing time-to-market.
Yes, the Flutter course is designed for beginners as well as those with some mobile app development experience, providing a structured learning path to master Flutter and build cross-platform mobile apps.
Yes, Flutter can be used for web development. Originally designed for mobile apps, it now supports creating web applications with a single codebase, offering high performance and attractive UIs. While Flutter for web is evolving, it already includes many web-specific features, making it suitable for various web projects.
Brain mentors pvt. ltd.
Brain Mentors


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