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Flutter vs React Native – What to Choose?

As mobile hardware is progressing, the demand for mobile apps has started increasing. Software developers were looking for a platform that could make mobile apps fast. Today we are going to talk about React-Native and Flutter. Flutter Flutter is an open source UI (SDK) created by Google. The first version of Flutter was known as codename “Sky”. Flutter framework written in C, C++, and Dart Language. Flutter used to develop mobile app, desktop app and web app. flutter initial release was Alpha(v0.0.6)/May 2017 and now currently stable version of Flutter is (v1.17.0)/May 6 2020. Flutter uses single codebase for Android and iOS platforms. Features of Flutter Flutter is for developers that want a faster way to build beautiful apps, or a way to reach more users with a single investment. Flutter is also for designers that want their original design visions delivered consistently, with high fidelity, to all users. In fact, CodePen now supports Flutter. Flutter

Introduction to Natural Language Processing

NLP short for Natural Language Processing is one of the major areas of Data Science. When it comes to text processing or when you send or receive some sort of data in any text format whether it is a mail or a message or anything else then just think about it that how you are going to apply machine learning on it. A lot of applications are using NLP like Apple Siri, Windows Cortona, Amazon Alex, etc. In this blog we are going to cover : Usage of NLP Text Processing Approach Convert Text document to vector form Implementation using Python and NLTK Usage of NLP Let’s understand the use of NLP with the help of a few examples : Gmail (Spam Classification) When you receive a mail on Gmail then how Gmail finds out whether this mail will go to your inbox or the spam box. Sentiment Analysis When

A Tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput

This blog is for Tribute to #SushantSinghRajput. I just share my feelings regarding this tragedy happened. After reading this if I am successful in saving someone’s life or I changed the thought of those people who suffered from depression then I feel very grateful to them. I believed that #SushantSinghRajput can be saved the reason is He made two major successful movies Ms. Dhoni & Chichore in which he acted awesome. Ms. Dhoni is the real life story of Cricketer he well explained about his failure & struggle in life . Everyone knows that #SushantSingh played that role just like he himself a Dhoni. He worked very hard for this movie. He realised each & everything from his soul. Toh jab aap kisi ki biography par itna dedicately kaam sakte ho toh real life main aap kudh iss baat par low feel nahi kar sakte. So what the news said that he get rid

R Programming Vs Python Programming

What do you want to become : Perfect Data Analyst or,  Full Stack Data Scientist ? First, understand the difference between the jobs here. If you just want to become a Data Analyst with few concepts of machine learning as well, then you can just go with R Programming without any second thought. But if you want to become a full stack data scientist with deep knowledge of machine learning and deep learning and then how to deploy them or integrate your models into some web or desktop applications then go for Python programming. In this blog we will learn : R Programming Definition Python Definition Usability Popularity Comparison Jobs and Salary Comparison Features Comparison Libraries and Packages Syntax Comparison R Programming R is one of the most popular languages in data science. But we need to understand the usage and limitations of it. R programming is designed in such

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