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Nginx has a master process and as many worker processes as the admin/user of Nginx wants. Master process manages the worker process. It read the configuration file. It evaluate the
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What is RabbitMQ? RabbitMQ is an open-source message-broker software. It has implemented the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol. RabbitMQ works very similar to a post box. The producer i.e., the originator
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Micro Services

What, how and why of microservices? So, before understanding microservices we should be aware of the fact that these are also a type of web services. What are web services?
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Worker Thread in NodeJs

Worker Thread in NodeJs The Basic idea behind worker thread is to do cpu intensive work without blocking the main thread. As we know that node js run on a
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Redis Introduction Stands for remote Dictionary Server. • It is a in-memory key-value pair data store. • It is used as a database, cache, message broker and queue. How Redis
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Introduction To Docker

Overview of Docker Open source Used for developing, shipping and running applications. With docker, now the application is independent of the infrastructure. Infrastructures are also maintained by docker. Hence software
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