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Single Number | Arrays | Data Structures and Algorithms

Single Number is a problem statement that is based on arrays from Data Structures and Algorithms. In this problem, we can find the single number that occurs an odd number
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What is Recursion? | Concepts of Recursion

The process in which a function calls itself is called recursion. Recursion is a method where the solution of a problem depends upon the solutions that are small instances of
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Leaders In An Array – Data Structures & Algorithms

Leaders in an array is an easy problem of arrays from Data Structures and Algorithms. Leaders in the array mean that element is greater than all its right side elements
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Flutter vs React Native – What to Choose?

As mobile hardware is progressing, the demand for mobile apps has started increasing. Software developers were looking for a platform that could make mobile apps fast. Today we are going
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Introduction to Natural Language Processing

NLP short for Natural Language Processing is one of the major areas of Data Science. When it comes to text processing or when you send or receive some sort of
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A Tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput

This blog is for Tribute to #SushantSinghRajput. I just share my feelings regarding this tragedy happened. After reading this if I am successful in saving someone’s life or I changed
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