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Interface Overview Blender 3D 2.80 – Brain Mentors

Blender is a free to use  and open-source 3D graphics software used for creating animated films, visual effects, 3D printed models, motion graphics, interactive 3D applications, and computer games.


There are many softwares like maya , 3D’s Max but why blender can be a better option?


For using 3D’s Max and Maya you have to purchase their tools. But good thing about blender is that it is open source (free to use).


  • Then goto download menu in the topbar
  • Then download a version suitable for your OS (MAC/WINDOWS/LINUX)
  • After Downloading , double click to install


Now, Congrats, You have successfully installed Blender.

Now ,Lets get your hands dirty with Blender

When you open blender for the first time,the UI of it will look like this as shown :


Now, lets understand the options and Menus in the Blender

The screen showing with a 3 cube in it is called 3D ViewPort.

Inside 3D ViewPort, There are many components like cube , camera and light


  • Cube is a shape / mesh .

  • Camera provides the view for our scene.

  • Light provides lightening in our scene.

Navigating in Blender

  • Move around 3D Space in Blender’s ViewPort
  • Rotating around 3D viewport  : if you want to rotate around 3D viewPort, just grab your middle mouse button and then move the mouse in the viewport to rotate it as like shown below:
  • Panning :Panning means moving the viewport in left,right,up,down manner.You simply have to press shift key + mouse middle button , then move the mouse up ,down,right, left to perform panning as shown below:
  • Scaling :you can zoom in /zoom out by just scrolling your mouse wheel up/down as shown below:

HOTKEYS For Navigating in Blender

Rather than navigating in 3D viewport using mouse, we can also use some quick shortcuts which will better complete our job.


To enable hotkeys , we have to set some preferences in the Blender edit option.steps for setting preferences are as follows:

  • Go to Edit menu in Blender
  • Then Goto Preferences in edit option
  • Now, in Preference Section , navigate to input option as shown :
  • Now, inside input option ,enable Emulate 3 Buttoned Mouse and emulate Numpad .

Now, we are ready to use our Hotkeys,Lets get Started .

  • For rotating Around in 3D viewport , just press Alt key + LMB(Left Mouse Button) and move the mouse to rotate it in specified direction while holding all the keys as mentioned.

  • For Panning(Moving 3D viewport left,right,top,bottom) ,just press Alt Key + Shift + LMB (Left Mouse Button), then move the mouse to rotate it in specified direction while holding all the keys as mentioned.

  • For Scaling (Zooming In and Zooming Out around viewport) , just hit ctrl key + alt key + shift key +LMB(Left Mouse Button) and slide your mouse upwards to zoom In and drag your mouse downwards to zoom out while holding all the keys as mentioned


Now, we have learnt some shortcut key combinations, So Now, we will learn how to Manipulate Objects in Blender .

Manipulating Objects in Blender

  • Selecting Objects in Blender : Just take the cursor to the object and then click on the LMB(Left Mouse BUTTON)
  • Grabbing Objects in Blender : if you want to grab an Object, just select the Object by using LMB(Left Mouse Button) , and then hit G and move the mouse, then you will be able to drag your object where ever you like as shown below :
  • Rotating Objects in Blender : If you want to rotate the objects in Blender, just Select the Object and hit the R key to rotate the Object as shown:
  • Scaling the Objects in Blender : If you want to Scale the Objects in Blender , just Select the Object and hit the S key and then move mouse to scale it up or down as shown:


Thats All for Now. Hope You have Learnt something through my Blog.Will see you in next Blender Blog.If You are Interested in Blender, Then You can also opt for our exclusive Brain Mentor’s Blender Online Course.

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