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Big-Data @ Brain Mentors

Big Data: Transforming Information into Innovation.

Dive into the world of Big Data and discover the power of harnessing vast volumes of data for insights and innovation. Explore cutting-edge technologies and techniques for storing, processing, and analyzing data at scale. Master tools like Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka to unlock the potential of Big Data and drive data-driven decision-making in your organization.

Duration: 60-70 hrs

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About the course

Big Data: Unleashing Insights, Driving Innovation.

Big data refers to the vast volumes of structured and unstructured data generated from multiple sources at high velocity, variety, and veracity. It exceeds the capacity of traditional databases to capture, manage, and process with a reasonable latency. Big data is characterized by its ability to provide valuable insights and patterns for decision-making in fields ranging from healthcare to marketing, finance, and beyond, leveraging advanced analytics and technologies.

What you'll learn

Big Data Fundamentals

Big Data Technologies

Data Processing and Management

Data Analysis and Insights

Machine Learning with Big Data

Big Data Visualization

Big Data in Cloud

Big Data Security and Governance

Industry Applications

Syllabus of the course

> Hadoop Installation and Hortonworks Sandbox Demo

> Using Hadoop on single node cluster

> Introduction to Hadoop Ecosystem

> HDFS and Map Reduce

> HDFS and MRv1 Architecture

> Introduction to YARN

> YARN and Resource Manager UI

> Working with Ambari

> Map Reduce word count example

> Integrating Python with Hadoop

> Working on Movies dataset

> PIG Installation and commands

> Working on Million songs dataset

> HIVE Queries

> Working on Twitter data

> Spark Installation and Word Count example

> Setting up Python with Spark

> Spark RDD (Resilient Distributed Dataset)

> Introduction to Spark ML Lib (Machine Learning Library)

> Movie Recommendation with ML Lib

> Spark Streaming with Python

> Advanced Examples of Spark

> Using NoSQL

> Introduction to HBase

> HBase Tables

> HBase Read Write

> Using HBase with PIG

> Cassandra Overview

> Installing Cassandra

> Write Spark output to Cassandra

> Mongo DB Overview

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Our faculty are all professionally qualified and have rich industry experience, essential for giving a practical context to concepts
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  • Mathematical Foundation

  • Programming Skills

  • Understanding of Databases

  • Data Manipulation and Analysis

  • Machine Learning Basics

  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Meet Our Expert Faculty

Our faculty are all professionally qualified and have rich industry experience, essential for giving a practical context to concepts
Arun Kumar (Sr. Web Developer & Lead Instructor)
Arun Kumar (Sr. Web Developer & Lead Instructor)

Sahil Kumar (Data Analyst & Lead Instructor)
Sahil Kumar (Data Analyst & Lead Instructor)



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Ongoing batches list
Big Data/Online/WE/0424

April 24th, 2024

Online Weekend Batch

Big Data/Offline/WE/0424

April 30th, 2024

Offline Weekend Batch


Target Audience

This focuses on the benefits the audience can achieve by taking the course. (e.g., Unlock your potential using this course).


Anyone interested in mastering Big Data technologies and analytics can apply, including students, IT professionals, and data analysts.
Yes, working professionals looking to expand their skillset into Big Data analytics and technologies are encouraged to apply for the course.
Yes, Brain-Mentors offers online Big Data courses to accommodate remote learning needs.
The fees for Big Data courses vary based on the course format, duration, and specific technologies covered.
The expected salary for a Big Data professional depends on factors such as experience, industry, and geographic location.
Yes, students from non-technical backgrounds can pursue the Big Data course, but a foundational knowledge in programming and statistics is beneficial.
Brain mentors pvt. ltd.
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