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A Tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput

This blog is for Tribute to #SushantSinghRajput. I just share my feelings regarding this tragedy happened. After reading this if I am successful in saving someone’s life or I changed the thought of those people who suffered from depression then I feel very grateful to them. I believed that #SushantSinghRajput can be saved the reason is He made two major successful movies Ms. Dhoni & Chichore in which he acted awesome. Ms. Dhoni is the real life story of Cricketer he well explained about his failure & struggle in life . Everyone knows that #SushantSingh played that role just like he himself a Dhoni. He worked very hard for this movie. He realised each & everything from his soul. Toh jab aap kisi ki biography par itna dedicately kaam sakte ho toh real life main aap kudh iss baat par low feel nahi kar sakte. So what the news said that he get rid of his failure I don’t believe this. Second film is Chichore in which he gave the msg that sucide is not the solution of anything. Again same person can’t take this step who spread this msg. Yes it can be said that he suffered from depression majorly last six months. Now my main point is how can a person who suffered from depression can get rid of this situation. In my opinion first immediately left that place where are you right now because when you go to in positive environment it may change your negative thoughts. Immediately move to your parents house because these are only the people who will never talk about more on negative things & thoughts. They support as much as they can just like in Fashion movie priyanka chopra get rid of her depression bcoz of her family support. If this is not possible go to hill stations more near by nature . Nature & natural things like hills, birds , rivers , animals also helps to remove negative thoughts from mind or you can moved to that person house which is your near or dear ones whether its your Ex if possible. Secondly is the doctor when we go to doctor we explained each & everything to him so now at this point I requested to all doctors that the patient never talk about to anyone else what he feels at that time except you so at that time you are only the God for him who saves his life. When #Sushant talks to his doctor about Ankita that he missed a lot her then I think doctor must call #Ankita regarding his current situation & can request her to treat him just like a nurse for sometime till then he come back to his normal life. Hum log agar apne sare gile sikve bhula kar kisi ki life save kar sakte hai toh isse acha kaam kuch aur nahi ho sakta uske baad I think friends ban kar toh reh sakte hai to give him moral support always. And at last but not the least its my request to all Maids & Servants that you people are playing the role of mother . Aap apne hatto se khana bana kar khilate ho. I know in more places ur value is not just like family members but if ur Master is kind , loving, caring , decent so please support him in his bad situation. Koi or ho na ho aap uss time uske pass hote ho. Never left him alone in any situation. If possible slept in the same room with him on the side bed or floor. My maid this did with me when I was younger & felt alone or restless she always slept with me in the same room on the floor. I never understand this why she is doing like this but aaj samajh aaya wo jaan jati thi ki main low feel kar rahi hu so she never left me alone at that time when no one in the house. Thanks to Deepa Aunty my maid. So please take care of ur Master at that time very well. Aap hi ho jo unko bacha sakte ho ..U r only the God for him at that time.
And all of you please TALK , TALK and TALK…kuch bhi ander mat rakho agar hum koi galti karte hai toh thik bhi hum kudh hi kar sakte hai….bhul jao kuch time ke liye sab kuch yaad karo unn logo ko jinki wajah se aap iss duniya main aaye and u don’t have a right ki aap unko akela chod kar chale jao. Socho how they can spend their rest life without you. If you have loving & caring brothers & sisters then its your responsibility to take of him or her. Don’t let him alone. Baat karo har week agar har din possible nahi hai toh. Samjho ek dusre ka dard or taklif…I know in today’s life everone is quite busy in his personal & professional life. All worked 9-12 hours in a day uske baad kisi ke pass itna time hi nahi hota ki ek dusre se baat kar sake but we have to change this plan else we lost our nears & dears always. So Plz baat karo , samjho ek dusre ko, help karo ek dusre ki, saath raho hamesha. Koi bhi apna carrer isley nahi banata ki jab koi problem ya failure aaye toh sucide kar le. Har field main struggle hai so plz don’t take this step . Get rid from your depression & loneliness of his own. If you worked on your physical health do more worked on your Mental Health.
And must remember “Baki Sab Sapne Hote Hai …..Apne toh Apne Hote Hai “…………
Dear Friends if you like my thoughts so please HELP…HELP…HELP…TALK…TALK…TALK…after reading this if I am successful to motivate you , if I change your thought toh isse badi khushi mujhe or kuch nahi ho sakti…Thanks for giving your time. And plz give time to your parents , spouse , children , brothers & sisters & your faithful friends & near & dear ones.
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