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6 Weeks Mobile App Development Using Flutter

Where beauty meets simplicity in mobile app development

Dive into Flutter, Google's UI toolkit for building natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. Explore its widget-based architecture, hot reload feature, and rich set of customizable widgets for creating stunning and responsive user interfaces. Master cross-platform development and streamline your app development process with Flutter.

Duration: 50hrs

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About the course

Flutter: Building Beautifully Dynamic Apps.

Our comprehensive Flutter training ensures you develop a deep understanding of the Flutter framework and its key components. Through this course, you'll acquire the skills to create visually appealing cross-platform mobile applications using Flutter, making you proficient in leveraging its UI/UX capabilities, widgets, and animations to enhance user experiences. 

With a focus on best practices for app development, including state management, navigation, and data integration, you'll build a portfolio of Flutter projects to showcase your expertise in mobile app development.

Training sample videos

What you'll learn

Flutter Basics

Dart Programming Language

Flutter Development

Advanced Flutter Topics

Flutter and Firebase

Platform Integration

Syllabus of the course

Introduction to Dart, its history, and purpose

Setting up Dart development environment (IDEs, SDK)

Dart Syntax: Variables, Data Types, and Operators

Control Flow: Conditionals and Loops

Functions and Scope in Dart

Advanced Functions: Named Parameters, Default Parameters

Object-Oriented Programming in Dart: Classes and Objects

Inheritance and Polymorphism in Dart

Dart Libraries and Packages

Setting up Flutter Development Environment

Introduction to Flutter Framework and its advantages

Flutter Widgets: Introduction and Basic Widgets

Flutter Layouts: Rows, Columns, Containers

Building User Interfaces with Flutter

State Management in Flutter: Introduction to Stateful Widgets

Managing State in Flutter: setState() and StatefulWidget

Working with Forms and User Input in Flutter

Navigation and Routing in Flutter

Networking in Flutter: Making HTTP Requests

Persisting Data Locally: Shared Preferences and SQLite

Flutter Animation Basics: Tween Animation

Complex Animations in Flutter: Implicit and Explicit Animations

Advanced State Management: Bloc & Provider Package

Internationalization and Localization in Flutter

Testing Flutter Apps: Unit and Widget Testing

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Our faculty are all professionally qualified and have rich industry experience, essential for giving a practical context to concepts
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  • Basic Programming Knowledge

  • Object-Oriented Programming

  • Access to a Computer/Laptop

Meet Our Expert Faculty

Our faculty are all professionally qualified and have rich industry experience, essential for giving a practical context to concepts
Amit Srivastava (Founder & Lead Instructor)
Amit Srivastava (Founder & Lead Instructor)

Sahil Kumar (Data Analyst & Lead Instructor)
Sahil Kumar (Data Analyst & Lead Instructor)



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Ongoing batches list

May 14th, 2024

Weekday Offline & Online Batch


May 28th, 2024

Weekday Offline & Online Batch


Target Audience

This focuses on the benefits the audience can achieve by taking the course. (e.g., Unlock your potential using this course).


Summer training in Flutter can provide you with valuable skills in mobile app development, particularly in building cross-platform applications. Flutter's hot reload feature and expressive UI can make your development process more efficient and enjoyable.
While prior programming experience is beneficial, most summer training programs in Flutter are designed for beginners. Having a basic understanding of programming concepts will be helpful but is not always required.
Summer training in Flutter typically covers topics such as Flutter basics, widget creation, UI design, state management, networking, and database integration. For more information feel free to reach out to us with any further inquiries.
Yes, our summer training programs offer remote learning options, allowing you to participate from anywhere with an internet connection.
You can typically apply for a summer training program in Flutter through the training on our website and we will try to contact you in a while.
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