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Dart Installation

Hello readers, today we are going to install dart language. Before installing dart language, let’s discuss something above dart language. Dart is a general purpose programming language developed by Google in 2011. It is used to build application for mobile, desktop, server and web application. Dart can compile either native code or Java Script. Dart suppose mixins, interfaces, abstract classes, generics etc. Dart SDK has three types of Channels Stable Channel: this sdk is ready for production. Beta Channel: is for preview of new features, if everything is fine then update in stable release. It is advised to use only for testing purpose. Dev Channel: dev channel has all new feature developed by developers. It has a high risk of bugs and highly unstable. Install Dart To install dart SDK, we need to go its official website: https://dart.dev/get-dart Follow these Steps: You can use package manager (chocolatey). Alternatively, you can

Power BI

Before we start learning about Power BI we need to understand the need of it. To understand the business most of the organizations needs a tool that can help to understand their growth or customer behavior. So they have a huge amount of data to work with and data management is not the cup of tea of everyone.  Lot of tools have emerged to solve the problem of data management these days. Power BI is the tool that every data analyst should know about. The ease provided by Power BI helps everyone to analyze and visualize the data. We are going to understand Power BI in following order : Facts about data Importance of Data Analysis Data Analysis use cases Different tools for Data Analysis What is Business Intelligence Introduction to Power BI Power BI Platforms Why Power BI Power BI Data Sources Getting Started with Power BI Power BI

Flutter Overview

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THESE ANSWERS1. What is Flutter?2. Whether you should learn Flutter in 2020?3.Who is Using Flutter?4.Understanding Flutter Architecture5.Flutter vs others?6. Is Fuchsia Kills Android?7. What is Dart?8. Flutter vs React Native Build Apps For IOS and Android with Single Code Base WHAT IS FLUTTER? Google Open Source Mobile SDK for Cross Platform Mobile App Development with Single Code Base. Learn One Programming Language (DART) and One Code Base for Android and IOS Platform. Flutter using Dart Programming Language. Dart is Open Source General Purpose Programming Language. Dart syntax and some of the concepts are quite similar from JS, Java and C++. FLUTTER OVERVIEW Flutter is an UI toolkit Framework for building mobile, web and desktop application with a single codebase. It is developed by Google in 2018. Flutter produced natively compiled application from its single code base for Android application, iOS application, web and desktop. Flutter

Single Number | Arrays | Data Structures and Algorithms

Single Number is a problem statement that is based on arrays from Data Structures and Algorithms. In this problem, we can find the single number that occurs an odd number of times in the given array. The first approach to solve this problem is: Brute Force Algorithm As you can see we have an array with size 5. To find the single number that occurring the odd number of times in this given array. So, we can traverse from left to right side of the array, one by one select each element and compare it with all the remaining elements of the array. If the selected element is equal to any remaining elements of the array, so for this we keep one variable that is count variable which is used to increment it’s value by 1 each time and If the count variable’s value is odd. It means, it is

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