Learn Flutter - and build Cross-Platform Native Application

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If you want to build a App. There is always a question that.

Will it work on Android and on iOS?

Now we can build mobile application for both of Android and iOS or even for window platform as well. Flutter allows you to build more beautiful and attractive native application than any other technologies and for multiple Operating System with Single Code base. You just need to write a code only once. The same code will run on both platform like Android and iOS. Flutter is developed by Google and it's initial release was in 2017 and its first stable version Flutter 1.0 was released on December 4, 2018. There are also many other technologies which build hybrid app. Google figured out the problems in all these technologies which are building hybrid applications and then Google invented Flutter. Google promises that it is Fast , Beautiful, Productive and Open source. In Future it may be possible that you can also build web application.It also gives you full control on each and every pixel while Designing User Interface. It is very rich in widgets, it has widgets for navigation bar ,scroll , drawer etc. You don’t need to move to 3rd party library. Flutter is a SDK(Software Development Kit) and a Framework on dart language.

Dart is programing language that can directly communicate to any Operating System, you don’t need any bridge to communicate with platform and this Direct communication with Operating System makes it faster and it provides best performace. So now you don’t need to learn so many programming language to develop Cross-platform native application.

Architecture of Flutter


Lets see the Difference between Flutter, React-Native , Xamarin

flutter vs reactnative vs Xamarin flutter vs reactnative vs Xamarin

Popularity Of Flutter

flutter Popularity

Companies Using Flutter

Company using flutter

Even Google has switched to its own native product for building Apps like GoogleAds.

Google Promises :



  • SVG Support
  • Beautiful animation


  • Fast Rendering
  • smooth animation (without bug and glitch)


  • Fast Production
    fast production
  • you can build a Average app in only 230-240 hours.


  • Fully OpenSource
    open-Source flutter

Simple code to display appbar and Text in Flutter App

simple flutter code


flutter display hello world