Angular vs React vs Vue

Comparison among the 3 Cutting-Edge Front-End Technologies.


It is high time to learn at least one and at most all 3 front-end technologies due to the current trend in industry of developing SINGLE PAGE APPLICATION(SPA).

Before moving forward let me make it clear that React is a library and the remaining two are frameworks, but for the sake of comparison I will refer all 3 as framework. Although all the 3 technologies are equipped with the necessary tools for developing SPA yet there are some differences among the three.

Let's Look at these differences one by one :-

Market Demand


Although all the three frameworks are trending in market, but the most preferred framework of newly established start-ups is React due to fast development time and an extra freedom during development, and this is mainly due to the fact that it is a library not the framework. Framework is made by combining all the best practices of programming and that's why it gives you the least freedom.

However, all the big software giants prefer to use Angular in comparison to other two due to it's capability to handle large-scale projects and it's built in MVC(Model View Controller) Architecture which makes it better from the other two Competitors.

Vue can be the first choice in some start-ups but it's market demand is a little less than other two.

Here is a Graph from Google Trend displaying the market demand.


Technologies Community

  • Angular

    Angular has the support of one of the biggest software giant in the world and that's why it's ongoing development is very fast and better.

  • React

    React also has support of software giant facebook and that's why it is clear that this technology will remain in market for the long time, also the updation in the technology is very fast.

  • Vue

    Vue don't have support of big software giant rather it is supported by an open source community led by Evan You, who is an ex-employee of Google and he had also worked on the AngularJS project in the Google. Although Vue is supported by an open source community yet it has proved it's capability because companies like Facebook and Netflix have used Vue in their application.


Applications Built in technologies

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    Angular is a vast framework with varieties of functionalities,so the learning curve of angular is greater than other two. Also, angular comes with the support of RxJS which makes him better performer when it comes to reactivity.

    Angular comes with the exceptional support for typescript which is far more clean language than JAVASCRIPT(JS), rather react works better in JS. The Future of this framework is also bright as it is not only limited to WEB rather it has achieve the goal of HYBRID APPS(PWA).

    Angular is also famous for Angular Material which is it's own framework for designing user interface. Overall Angular has it's own development environment which is better for large and scalable projects.


    As React is a library so, developers prefer to use React due to it's fast development and also an extra freedom than using frameworks. React has easy syntax so developers spend more time on writing modern javascript rather than worrying about the framework specific-code.

    React don't have any inbuilt support for state management but it does it with the help of Redux which is an open source library for state management.

  • VUE

    Vue also has various structures like directives, filters, components and it has inbuilt support for state management which is VUEX. Vue also has full support for animations in the application.

    Also, Vue can be used to build scalable and large projects.


At last, I would like to say all the 3 technologies are great but you should identify your need and then choose your favourite framework and start working on it.