Why JavaScript is So Popular

By | May 4, 2018

Why JavaScript is So Popular




JavaScript Provide you to build dynamic websites.

JavaScript is become a must have technology for Web Development. JavaScript is one stop solution for WebD, Mobile, Desktop, Games.

WHY JavaScript

Hardware Before 10 Years




From last 10 Years there is lot of improvement in Hardware Side. We shifted from P3 to I3 Processor.

So now our machines are more powerful and now time to shift load on our machines instead of Server.

Now it is time for Client Side

Development. For Client-Side Development JavaScript is the no-1 choice.

I mentioned Top reasons to Learn JavaScript. Following are the reasons

Top Reasons to Learn JavaScript

No – 1 Web Development Language




Support by All Major Browsers

On Stop Solution for EveryThing

– It Works on Server Side Using

NodeJS, Client Side Popular Frameworks (Angular by Google) and Library (ReactJS by FaceBook). It also works for IOT

(Internet of Things), Also can build

Cross Platform Desktop

Applications Using ElectronJS. Build Cross Mobile Apps Using Ionic, ReactNative , PWA and many more.

It is Easy to Learn – It is a Loosely Typed Programming so for Developer there is no data types, everything is done through Functions , So Function are No – 1 in JavaScript, You can do Object Oriented Programming by Using Functions only.

SPA and PWA is on Trend – Single Page Application is Web Development Trend, It Means there is no page load on each request , just a chunk load , that is only happens through JS on Client


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