What is ReactJS?

By | May 6, 2018

What is ReactJS?

Importance of View Technology

View is a Critical segment of the MVC methodology.

Earlier Framework were typically focused on building MVC based applications.

View based framework is basically centric on the user interfaces which typically includes what people see.

To Achieve this aspect , it defines the concepts of components.

React is a framework which tries to achieve this approach using the Component Based Strategy.

What is ReactJS?

Initially FaceBook using Backbone JS with PHP

React JS is a JavaScript Library for building User Interfaces. It is on Client side to build User Interfaces.

TOP 3 Reasons to Learn REACT JS

Component Based

Virtual DOM

Just a Library , Learning Curve is Easy as compare to Angular

Component Based Development

React Component app is a root component rest of others are child components

Child can have a child

Virtual DOM

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